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Carpet Water Extraction


Professional Carpet Odor Removal

Over time, carpets accumulate dirt from a wide range of sources. The dirt includes dust and germs. Left on their own, dirty carpets are a major health risk due to the germs that they carry and the odor that is associated with these germs. Also, if you don’t clean your carpet regularly, it will continue gathering more germs, mold, and mites and become even more hazardous to the lives of the occupants of the room in which the carpet is. Surprisingly, if you clean your carpet using ordinary methods such as vacuuming, you may not completely get rid of the dust and mites that get embedded into the fibers of the carpet. The good news is that you can use methods such as carpet water extraction to thoroughly clean your carpet. 

Carpet water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that involves the use of a cleaning solution under high pressure to lift dirt, mites and other materials from the fibers of the carpet. Carpet water extraction works wonders by removing those stubborn materials that cause carpets to have odors. Therefore, this method is a good choice if you would like your carpet to have a fresh and clean look. 

If you would like your carpet to be cleaned well, one of the most important considerations that you should make is to choose a professional cleaning company. This will guarantee you professional carpet odor removal and cleaning services. If you live in Keller, TX or any of the nearby areas, the company that you can rely on for professional carpet odor removal or general carpet cleaning is Dodson Professional Carpets & Cleaning. We use the best technologies to thoroughly clean carpets and all kinds of upholstered items. Therefore, if you live in Keller, Colleyville, Fort Worth or any other nearby area and you need help with carpet cleaning, please contact us. For more info, please check

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